Robot hostess – has the era already begun?

Technology, digital and robot hostess: what is really going on in the world regarding these issues?


Is about to come the day in which charming and kind hostesses will be replaced by digital totems or cold robot hostess? Maybe it is already happening, but we are not aware of it yet.

In order to have an answer we should start to look around: How many times we buy something without leaving the house, but only by clicking with the mouse on the wanted product? So as the train or flight tickets, or the bills for electricity, water and gas. Nobody moves physically, if it is not really necessary.

All these changes show us a strong impact of digital technology which is revolutionizing our habits and our life-style. Will it be possible to replace a human presence with activity performed by a robot?

The surprising fact is that, probably, the robots will be able to perform also cognitive activity, not only the physical one. Some American researches declare that, until 2037, 47% of American HUMAN employment will be replaced by machines and/or robots. This transformation has already been in action for some time: just think of automated assembly lines or logistic and transportation sector, with the test of driver-less vehicles. 670 thousands of jobs have been lost in USA with the arrival of robots in the world of employment.

In countries such as Japan, this prevision has already become a reality; actually, there are already first hotels managed at 90% by robot hostesses. The Japanese target is to show to the entire world their superiority and efficiency in the field of energy and robotic technology, interconnected with the artificial intelligence and the augmented reality.

Robot hostess, field & trade marketing

The robots have become a threat not only for manual jobs, also for so-called “white-collar workers” and professionals (professors, journalists, military, policemen, service sector workers). And what is going to happen in Field&Trade Marketing sector?

Maybe the correct question would be: what are the negative aspects of a conversation with a robot hostess. The feelings such as empathy and human warmth would decrease and the dialogue would be more cold and schematic.

This would cause an emotional gap of the client and a missing effect of engagement towards the product. Is the removal of the soul and the heart really a solution for the future market and for our lives? One famous American poet, actor and dancer has said: “People will forget what you say, what you do, but they will NEVER forget how you have made them feel”. Maya Angelou

Robot hostess vs human approach

To trust in people means to support the existence of social productive and functional relationships, it means to believe other human being, it means to share values of a brand with those who represent your company, it means to learn to love what is to be promoted. Hostesses that approach you inviting you to visit the stand, stewards at the door of the stores that invite clients to enter with a nice smile and breathtaking body, promoters that explain the advantages of a product with tasting on site. Would a robot hostess be able to do all these things? And with what effects?

The human approach in a society that is becoming still more individualistic is a real force of the field marketing.

We do really not know if, in next decades, robot hostesses and robots in general will destroy the job market or they will redesign it assisting humans. The only certain thing is that we will have to get ready for the changes related with the “invasion” of artificial intelligence.

A man is a creature of habit; he will be able to get used. And he will keep getting used as long as he can.