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Organization and management of the best operational marketing actions

How to organize Street Marketing activities

The most effective field marketing

When outstore becomes the most exciting place for your brand!

When a brand chooses to take direct activities of street marketing to move close its own audience, it is in front of several interaction strategies through the operational marketing.

Whereas in the ABOVE-THE-LINE marketing the advertising message is delivered to the addressee as planned, in BELOW-THE-LINE activities ( like the Street Marketing ones’ ) it’s the staff of hostess and promoters to filter information and pass them to the potential customer through their personal skills and their training.

Therefore, training phase given to the staff of hostess or stewards before any kind of outdoor activity  must be essentially excellent. Moreover, for a live-time control of outstore activities followed by Hostess & Promoter, the geolocated APP represents a great digital support.

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Street Marketing: le migliori attività di unconventional marketing!

Our agency can provide the best networks and voluntary meeting places  where involving your target. All our outdoor activities have as objective the need of interacting with a targeted audience and make them live an emotional experience.

Whether adults or children, each one of us needs to be amazed and got emotional. Trump cards for an outdoor activity are stimulating creativity of consumer and its memory of experience.

In short, Hostess & Promoter is the operational arm of all Street Marketing activities commissioned by big B2C entities or Media Centres : research of field-based staff without sub-contracts, exact performance of dynamic and reasoned distribution of pamphlets, monitoring and creation of roadmaps which can be walked or traveled with the help of customized means, preparation and production of publicity material ( stands, flags, rolls up, inflatable stands ) or sampling, management of bureaucratic dossiers and authorizations for pamphlets’ distributions and/or occupation of public land with Municipalities and regional bodies.

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street marketing

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Tour - Mondo Convenienza - Hostess - Spiaggia

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