Mystery Client

Mystery Client

Mystery Client


Mystery Client

Mystery Client ( or Mystery Shopper ) is a strategic profile in Retail sector, characterized by several series of inspection and control.

One of main aspects of Retail world is performances’ monitoring. While management softwares allow to monitor sales and warehouse, it’s not always possible to directly control commodity’s exposure in a point of sale or customers’ management by staff.

Mystery Client is the right figure for this : “anonymously” control and monitor performances of a point of sale or even of a whole retail network.

Hostess & Promoter provides Mystery Client’ and inspectors’ support to customers who need to improve controls in view of maximizing retail marketing and trade marketing.

Moreover, every year team of Hostess & Promoter invests in inspection services on its own staff.

In short, we can say that Mystery Client makes quality controls on products’ correct exposure and on right engagement of sales staff. These controls are useful to get important information regarding Visual Merchandising, sales’ volume, customers’ inflow, but also to monitor staff’s work.
Therefore, Hostess & Promoter ensures surveys on quality, on answering times, quality and quantity analysis of its product and of competition anonymously through dedicated professional figures.

Thanks to a rich database, proposed Mystery Clients perfectly correspond to typical customers of each point of sale : they are specialized in quality and quantity analysis which will be collected and sent to the customer within 24 hours.

In a more and more complex retail panorama, and  with more and more shifting engagement rules on target, Mystery Client can become a strategic resource to monitor performances in order to improve operations of retail marketing and of visual merchandising.

Data collected by Mystery Client will be put together and sent to customer no later than 24 hours after.

Professional profiles

Hostess & Steward

Crucial professional figures for any kind of field marketing activity. They represent the face and voice of a brand.

Brand Ambassador

Figure employed in extended activities. It is highly trained on products and services of the represented brand and promote capabilities of engagement to the audience.

Tour Leader

Figure in charge for management and efficiency of a tour marketing or road show activity with detailed logistical and monitoring tasks.

Specialized profiles

Complementary figures for field marketing activities that include entertainers, dancers, Djs, photographers and many other.

Mystery Client

Strategic profile in the retail sector. It continues several inspection cycles to assess management and sale performances of one or more stores.


Professional figure in charge for the brand’s presence on shelves as well as in warehouse, directly fostering shopping experience.


Specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products or services in view of the target audience’s engagement.

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