Tour Indoor

Tour Indoor

The winning activity to make brand engagement, increase awareness of your brand and grow your sales in retail and GDS.

Tour Indoor

The winning activity for brand engagement, to increase awareness on your brand and  sales in MMR and GDS.


Your TURNKEY INSTORE  and INDOOR activities! Help your target in finding you first and knowing you then!

Our tasks go from selection of the most suitable locations to carrying on of bureaucratic dossiers for instore access, to production of visibility material and to real time reporting.

Change your operations in real travelling tours which will reach malls or supermarket networks where your brand is already positioned or where you would like to launch it for a medium or large scale test.

In fact, Hostess & Promoter boasts a Business Unit devoted not only to activities of PROMOTING INSTORE, but also to  INDOOR TOURS in MMR and GDS networks.

Perfect execution of an Instore travelling campaign is essential, as well as direct management of all phases of the instore promotional tour without mediators.


  • Complete management of all bureaucratic / documentary files for staff’s regular access in MMR/ GDS networks
  • Management of areas and commercial agreements with Mall’s galleries
  • Back Office to identify the best location for your target
  • Production of Instore Promotional Areas + visibility from A to Z of your brand
  • Production of professional or branded clothes
  • Production of standard or environmental-friendly promotional stands
  • Insurance and national job contracts for staff ( hiring and/or occasional services)
  • App developed for data and photos’ detection geolocated and in real time ( through activated GPS).
  • Data to enter digital platform and monitor current activities’ status.
  • Online report at the end of the day with sell-out and inventories
  • Weekly survey of sell-out insights with possible cross-overs on seasonal nature.
  • Warranty for total covering of activities with a back-up system already prepared and ready to start.
  • Staff’s training on products to pass down brand awareness and trust.

In order to increase the already important effect of a tour, we advise you to not forget social media.

Our services after production will be able to help you in telling emotion of your indoor tours. We can help you in enjoying them in your social pages in order to double visibility and boomerang effect of your investment.

All phases will be directly managed by your reference account manager.

Contact a consultant to talk about your project.

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Tour Indoor

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