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Experiential Marketing

We establish relationships of trust with consumers for effective experiential marketing strategies

How to create customer relationships

Experiential marketing is a form of advertisement which mainly focuses on experimentation of product or live an emotion with brand.

Experiential marketing tries to immerge consumers inside product for a unique experience. In this way, experiential marketing can involve a a range of other marketing one-to-one or group strategies.

Goals of experiential marketing : to involve, to excite, to entertain

Ten-year know how of Hostess & Promoter allows to collect and update all strategies and all instruments to make experiential marketing and adopt it for all customers’ needs.

Final goal of experiential marketing is to create an unforgettable and emotional connection between consumer and brand, to encourage immediate or long term purchases.

Hostess & Promoter has no doubt about thinking that this activity is able to loyalyze and give high reputation to brand, it is often helped by  world of social network which increases brand’s exposure in real or programmed time.

In fact, Hostess & Promoter deals with video and photo recordings during events and with their post-production, before sending them to web person in charge of brand or to referee of communication agency.

Give chance to brand’s followers to live an online experience strenghtens sense of experiential marketing. This operation is performed by specialized staff like professional photographers or videomakers monitored by our project managers.

Experiential marketing can be efficiently applied both in activities of instore promotion and in those of street marketing.

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Tour - Mondo Convenienza - Hostess - Spiaggia

Experiential Marketing


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