Who We Are

Since 2007, we are the operational marketing brand with the biggest database of professionals on the national market.

We are specialized in below- the- line activities of Field and Trade Marketing and we propose ourselves to B2C companies and to big Media Centres as their executive arm to realize and manage promotional campaigns directed to consumers, trade and sales force.

Our strength lies in ensuring a widespread coverage throughout the country introducing ourselves as the sole interlocutor for all marketing activities which will be necessary to develop an efficient promotional campaign : from logistical management of goods in stock, to provision of specialized and trained professional personnel, to creation of publicity materials, to collection of information and photos in real time through our digital platform.

We have 2 operational business units that work in parallel on our core services : INSTORE – OUTSTORE.

We perform our INSTORE activities in Shopping malls, Hypermarkets, Finiper markets, Cash & Carry stores, Supermarkets, Airports, Railway stations, Underground stations, Channels of GDS ( Global Distribution Systems) and of Retail ( perfumeries, points of sale, pharmacies, etc. )

We perform our OUTSTORE activities on the road, by studying and proposing RoadMaps of geolocated circuits in target behind schools or university poles, in local markets, in beach resorts,, in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel ( hotels, restaurants, cafés).

We manage with bureaucratic authorisations of O.P.L. and distribution of advertising material for all activities of outdoor Street Marketing and we help brands in being visible during their promotional campaigns.

Over the years, Hostess & Promoter has always been able to keep a team of close-knit and loyal professionals who have always reached their goals and objectives.


Value of Hostess & Promoter is given by persons who compose it. Over the years, they have experienced it and have seen it growing feeling themselves as integral part of the company and adopting its phylosophy of sacrifice and commitment which is the basis of growth for every entity.

We count on over 30 internal partners in our 2 European offices , Florence and Barcelona. Milano plays a key role as it is the agency’s business core.

Our main operational business units are the following : Instore and Outstore sections.

Besides the production unit , our agency is also formed by the business unit located in Milan, and by the Communication, the IT Hr and Legal, the Logistics and the Warehouse units located in Florence and Barcelona.

Over years, every unit has developed its know- how and professionalism by working for small and big direct entities and for communication agencies.

Actually we work in the following sectors : Ho.Re.Ca., GDS, MMR and Retail and in several  commodity sectors of Food, Beverage, Personal Care & Beauty, Pharma, Petcare, Tech and Beauty.

We always entrust a devoted Account for every project and ensure availability of project managers in all phases of activities.

Customer is at the heart of our values and we always work to obtain its fullest satisfaction trying to establish a long-lasting and joint relation.

Our mission is to work hard, well, in a correct and totally clear way both with our customers and with our resources ( our real wealth).


We have always loved WHAT WE DO and even more we LOVE HOW WE DO IT.


We were born in Florence and grew in Italy and Spain.

Hostess & Promoter, with over 10 years of experience, is specialized in Field Marketing  as well as Instore Marketing, the Street Marketing and major events of MICE sector.

Let add to this the biggest database in Europe where to get qualified personnel for every activity of Field Marketing or Instore Markerting customers ask us everyday.

Hostess & Promoter performs projects of operational marketing commissioned both by communication agencies and by marketing department of our direct customers. This know- how is boasts a continual renewal of process and technologies used thanks to the e-learning platform, of personnel’s tasks and of training of employed personnel.

Hostess & Promoter has industrialized and changed in discipline Promoter and Hostess’sector by creating flows and highly technological and innovative process. Since few years, our agency has copied all internal process in a complete operational handbook acting as guarantor of quality.

One of the company’s visions is to believe that continual improvement is the base of development and success, besides sharing cases history of failure in order to learn by one’s mistakes.


Hostess and Promoter was created to let companies meet their interest target.

Over years, Hostess & Promoter has increased its services, its operational offers and its skills : we have flanked the organizational and logistic management to the staff, through innovative technologies and specialized teams for promotional campaigns.


We offer direct services with experienced staff. It is strongly oriented towards MMR, GDS, perfumeries and pharmacies. We support SELL- OUT through MCHs, Promoters, POP materials. We manage data through GEOLOCATED APPs and real-time reports.

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We deal with street marketing from A to Z with activities of experiential marketing, reasoned flyering and all BTL activities, sampling or products’ launches. From logistics to bureauctratic authorizations for occupation of public and private land.

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promotional tours

We organize and coordinate operational, logistic and productive process of promotional tours and on the road campaigns. All materials are specially made in the choosen places on the base of your target. For this experience we will use persons, materials, travelling caravans and road shows.

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marketing events

Specialized in big data. We attend events, exhibitions, demonstrations, concerts or MICE events with your stand or with a single Hostess. Brand Image Hostess, Reception Hostess, Hostess for language support and for access’ control.

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