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Tour & Roadshow

We develop Brand Awareness strategies through events and shows that take place directly on the territory.

Specialists in BTL activities

Thanks to its biggest database, Hostess & Promoter represents one of the strongest entities in BTL activities’ sector : it’s a national supplier without sub-contractors that ensures coverage and extensiveness all over the country and a backup service in real time for promotional Tours and Road shows.

Versatility in our offer of services, passion of our project managers, together with our operational accuracy and our seriousness in data collection makes of Hostess & Promoter your ideal partner for all activities of offline field marketing.
Hostess & Promoter brings the biggest brands to the main squares and to the main events through Tour and Road show activities. It puts them in connection to the desired target through ascertained rules of engagement which are chosen with customer or communication agency.

We perform BTL activities which go from Guerrilla Marketing, to Ambient Marketing, to Experiential Marketing and to on-site Monitoring of big sport and musical events. Hostess & Promoter deals with production, logistics and preparation of all publicity material during tours or road shows.

Hostess & Promoter provides not only a project manager who  fully devotes itself to the project but also an on-site responsible and skilled tour leader to control all operational details.

On the other hand, activities of hostess usually  includes distribution of leaflets, sampling and products’ tasting in relax areas.

The same items can be directly produced by Hostess & Promoter and set up on site by given runners/ stand organizers.

Hostess & Promoter deals with street marketing from A to Z : branding of means and inflatable stands, production of promotional material, management of authorizations for occupation of public land and of H.A.C.C.P. certificates for tasting activities, identification of roadmaps and strategic locations, also and above all for Tours and Road shows.

Finally, collection of photos and videos of offline activities are essential in order to build one’s own identity to share on the customer’ or its agency’s online channels .

Inflatable stands, totems, interactive photo booths, portable frames for original and customized selfies, set-ups with augmented realities will make offline promotion a real online experience in real time.

For Tours and Road Shows, Hostess & Promoter always offers local staff in order to optimize costs and times. It proposes networks where the right target is present ; it prepares a complete roadmap with the best meeting points and send real insight posts on activities.

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Flyering and Sampling

Tour - Leopard - Hostess e Allestimento

Promotional Tours & Road Shows

street marketing

Occupation of public land

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Experiential Marketing


Guerrilla Marketing

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