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Logistical and organisational support for high quality standards

Specialized staff for meetings and congresses

Years of experience gained in MICE sector allow Hostess & Promoter to provide a logistic and organizatonal support in line with standards required for events like congress and conventions too.
Whether they are national, local or international, having the right figure for the most suitable role is basic.

Congress represent an important moment for a professional community or category.

Every single figure of the involved staff must be trained to give right and on-time information for every audience’s need.

The professional position hovering around congress’ management must be able to be got involved with audience without invalidating the event’s trend and it must be provided with a keen skill of problem-solving. For congress a CME figure is often required.

CME Hostess and stewards ( Continuing Medical Education ) have attended a course to perform and manage events like training courses for professionals.

These courses are often compulsory for specialists like doctors. All attendees receive credits for their careers by taking part to conventions.

CME staff is responsible for checking participations, and issue a personal statement confirming the professional’s participation and update of its training credits at the end of training days.

Hostess & Promoter has an internal department devoted to MICE sector. We can boast an available inventory of uniforms and suits beside its trained staff.

Our database allows us to filter staff per commodity sector, their feedback and experiences.

If necessary, professional hostess or stewards who are trained in the medical and scientific sectors can be provided, as well as personnel for business events, brand image hostess for corporate conventions or professional Tour Leaders to manage  organizational staff for exhibitions.

We supply reception staff and uniforms with same colours as business image.

During congress and events including meetings, audience and launches, staff’s discretion holds a very important role. Professional trained staff allows to enjoy the event whilst solving unexpected problems at the same time, managing flow of people and having the order of location under control.

For this reason, Hostess & Promoter  takes advantage of trusted partners so that style and professionalism, together with passion which always characterizes the staff, are not missed : besides CME hostess for scientific secretary and credits’ registration, Hostess & Promoter also provides staff for ticketing, info points and access’ control.

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