Logistics & Kitting

An integrated warehouse and personnel dedicated to storage and kitsting of materials

Logistics & Kitting

Activities of kitting and logistics represent basic elements of any operation of street marketing or instore promotion which allow direct contrtol on stocks of used material.

Therefore, planning of an activity with Hostess & Promoter proves easier as costs, ways and number of contacts on all meeting points and networks are already known at the planning stage.

This is made possible thanks to Hostess & Promoter’ years’ experience on field.

System of kitting and logistics of Hostess & Promoter allows to know in real time ROI for each investment and progress of the project. Hostess & Promoter has designed a software which is at the customer’s availability to share any useful data in real time and know how and in which quantity material must be used.

One only referee for logistics. Warehousing for your goods with reduction of  costs.

Hostess & Promoter’s internal Logistics department manages warehouse and distribution of promotional material thanks to its central warehouse and all other small ones present on territory : this allows customers to have one only referee who will update you all the time and in real time.

Central warehouse is located under operations office of Florence’s Headquarters.

For national activities, Hostess & Promoter suggests widespread and direct shipments to promotional staff : to promoters for promotions in supermarkets, to hostess and stewards for street marketing events or in retails, to team leaders for tours or roadshow events.

There is the chance to directly ship goods to the staff’s house and this represents a further warranty of control and monitoring as goods too often disappear in case of direct shipments to supermarkets or points of sale.

Precision and preservation of shipped material are basic ; in fact in case material is not present failure or even cancellation of the activity can pursue.

Finally, reporting is Hostess & Promoter’s flagship. Its mission stands in filing with customer a tailored report in order to have real time and customized report.

All reports created are organized to be clear and real ; only in this way it is possible to ensure useful data to marketing manager to maximize promotional campaigns in order to perfect actual and future activities.

Hostess & Promoter becomes a real partner of marketing department and not only a simple executor of street or instore activities

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