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In Store Marketing

We monitor insights and promotional activities at supermarkets, specialized retailers and horeca channels.

In Store Marketing Activities

inStore Marketing and Retailtainment represent the answer to “ Experiential Marketing” ‘ s demand as purchase lever and brand’s knowledge. Use of solutions for sales support and driven sale through promoters represents a surplus as regards perception of product and chances of differentiation.

With an activity of Instore Marketing it is possible not only to increase awareness on a brand exactly in places where audience can find it, but to create a distinction from competitors from an “ experiential “ point of view.

Hostess & Promoter is present in Instore and Retail by managing products’ launches and indoor demos in commercial areas in order to make the purchasing experience more fascinating and efficient.

Interaction with Instore customer is essential because it is reached in the exact moment of purchase : if we are able to intervene in a focused and concise way but with professionalism we help product to increase sales and be visible. Operations of instore marketing are performed when a brand wants to make its visibility more intense and pushes sell-out of its products.

Qualified personnel for In store marketing

Hostess & Promoter selects qualified promoters with particular care to retailtainment and promotion devoted to target audience, in all distribution channels : main MMRs and GDS, malls and monobrand points of sale up to reach airports and always ensure  all certificates needed for internal access ( H.A.C.C.P. , job safety, airport license ).

Hostess & Promoter deals with setting up of Pop materials on points of sale, of promotional logistics, of its partners’ image’s improvement with a steady training on points of sale and local control measures to provide a high quality standard.





Besides promotional staff, Hostess & Promoter has a professional and specialized staff to entartain  point of sale : chefs, bakers, entertainers, artists, frontmen, musicians, mascots…

All these items represent the perfect ingredients for a receipt of Instore Marketing really efficient : to deal with the potential customer in a casual less forward-looking way  is the worst approach we can have today to promote a brand and get close to one’s consumers.

Do you think that an Instore Marketing activity can help your brand in being more visible?

Instore - Redbull - Allestimento e Hostess

In Store Marketing

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