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Specialized in the management of all practices related to bureaucratic permits

Bureaucratic aspects and management of permits

Hostess & Promoter supports customers through visibility from A to Z making your brand as the sole protagonist in action.

But how to perform a street activity with no surprises?

Occupation of public land is a bureaucratic aspect which must be compulsory  carried on before proceeding with street marketing activities involving any kind of setting up on the ground.

After years of bureaucratic management for licensing outdoor spaces or authorizations to distribuite material, we have established trust and collaboration relationships with all public bodies that coordinate same activities of marketing.

Hostess & Promoter agency, before forwarding its application to secretary office, suggests some specifical networks to meet own’s target and so promotes operations of operational marketing.

To know which public land can be occupied is essential for efficiency of marketing activity.

Target of a brand is not always where it is thought to be and some preliminary surveys must be set in order to intercept the right market segment and maximize times and costs.

In fact, Hostess & Promoter, thanks to its computerized platform, is specialized for years in managing all procedures regarding authorizations and bureaucracy.

From occupation of public land ( OPL ) to certification of regular  H.A.C.C.P. statements for tasting activities  and demos on food products, from management of authorizations for distribution of sampling and flyers, up to chance to prepare and sumbit waivers to audience in order to realize photographies and videos during events and activities.

Finally, it deals with all the procedure to realize temporary stores in tour in the best squares.

Besides public lands such as streets, squares, markets, we have available 70.000 meeting points filed according to turnout, costs and rois : Airports, Commercial Galleries, Demonstrations, Exhibitions, Beach and Ski Resorts, Gyms, Pharmacies and Perfumeries, Tobacco’ Shops and Ho.Re.Ca. centres.

All cities can be suitable for street marketing activities. Therefore, it is essential to relate to local entities ( public and private bodies) both for application of occupation of public land and to organize street activities in places of high turnout to obtain the biggest possible visibility.

Hostess & Promoter deals with business negotiations in the name and on behalf of customer, by even suggesting alternative situations on the base of our experience.

Moreover, through our geolocated APP we are able to update in real time our customers on distributed commodity by monitoring distribution’s trend according to the activity’s goals.

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street marketing

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