In a more and more diversified market, role of  MERCHANDISER becomes strategic : it’s the profile responsible for visibility, presence and exposure of a product on shelves in a point of sale in the better way and quantities.

Therefore, Merchandiser’ and Stocker’s figure represents brand’s face on MMR and GDS’ shelves; it forecasts stock’s trends and levels with marketing and commercial department of a company and faces with Visual Merchandiser for respect of product’s organization and positionning.

Without the suitable preparation of visual and kitting, products risk to not reach the right target, or to maximize exposure of a brand and so to not support in the right way sell-out.
Hostess & Promoter, thanks to its biggest database in Italy, is able to provide specialized Merchandisers in managing and controlling products both in MMR and in GDS to companies .

Merchandiser promotes shopping experience of customers because allows the suitable and efficient exposure of products on shelves as well as same quality of experience.

Services like warehouses’ control and refill must be added to display’s remake and material’ setting up.

Our Merchandisers & Stockers look after restocks in the shortest times : we have technical staff assigned in managing all setting up phases of merchandising, made thanks to our computerized platform.

Hostess & Promoter proposes experienced profiles in stockage, kitting and assembly available all over the national territory.
Advantage to have an agency dealing with all managing sides for an activity of Retail Marketing is exactly this : to provide a figure like Merchandiser’s one that allows to organize, manage and above all monitor instore activity together with other professional complementary figures.

Professional profiles

Hostess & Steward

Crucial professional figures for any kind of field marketing activity. They represent the face and voice of a brand.

Brand Ambassador

Figure employed in extended activities. It is highly trained on products and services of the represented brand and promote capabilities of engagement to the audience.

Tour Leader

Figure in charge for management and efficiency of a tour marketing or road show activity with detailed logistical and monitoring tasks.

Specialized profiles

Complementary figures for field marketing activities that include entertainers, dancers, Djs, photographers and many other.

Mystery Client

Strategic profile in the retail sector. It continues several inspection cycles to assess management and sale performances of one or more stores.


Professional figure in charge for the brand’s presence on shelves as well as in warehouse, directly fostering shopping experience.


Specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products or services in view of the target audience’s engagement.

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