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For Direct Marketing actions on the whole national territory

The Face to Face that works

For Direct Marketing and Face-to-Face operations, in order to reach all possible customers, Hostess & Promoter provides solutions for all needs in the context of reasoned flyering and dynamic sampling.

Contact with possible customer is basic and allows brand to be closer and closer to persons. In a complex and fragmented panorama like the contemporary one, standing out in competition with focused and captivating sampling strategies can make the real difference.

Reasoned flyering and sampling do not represent a mechanical activity of street marketing : Hostess & Promoter provides staff that is trained both on contact strategies with audience and on information material which is distributed.

Hostess & Promoter can count on a rich profiled database which is distributed all over  the national territory. In this way, the right staff can be given to  customer for the best activity of flyering and sampling.

Hostess & Promoter’s duty for flyering and sampling activity is connected to  bureaucratic  authorizations which are necessary to perform activity withour falling into fines or town penalties.

Thanks to its database complete of all information on every municipality, our agency will be able to shortly send to the confirmed staff all documents required which will be taken with it in case of problems. Look after details means avoid problems during activities.

Another great support offered by the agency is planning of detailed roadmaps by choosing the best target networks. This will change according to customer, kind of product and seasonality in which distribution is required.

Activities of flyering and sampling are suitable for products’ launches, distribution in networks on the base of required target, promotions and new openings. Supporting means are multiple and recently segways, ape cars and electrical bycycles are more and more visible in Street Marketing activity.

Care and respect for environment are also basic. Green Marketing is more and more followed : no flyer must be got thrown the ground or thrown into appropriate containers by staff.

Inventories of material ( flyers or samples ) are managed on the base of agreements taken with customer or agency by working clear and collaborative.

Finally, it is possible to choose monitoring through apps which are specifically realized for the launched marketing campaign.

Tour - Mondo Convenienza - Hostess Piazzale

Flyering and Sampling

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