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Hostess & Steward

Hostess & Steward


Hostess & Steward

At the heart of field marketing or store promotion activities there are hostess and stewards. It is about very important professional figures that can establish success or failure for any promotional activity.

Hostess and stewards represent  face and voice of a brand during its on-site promotional campaign.

Hostess and stewards must be trained and prepared for marketing task to be performed : from tone of voice to clothing, from the audience’s lines of approach to those of convincing.

Agency Hostess & Promoter is specialized in providing Hostess and Stewards, CME Hostess for exhibitions and for Mice world in general. Moreover, Hostess & Promoter has a wide inventory of uniforms and professional tailleurs to be hired and branding material which satisfies at best purpose of your current activity.

All proposed staff is qualified and with experience. It must have proved dialectical capabilities and a high level of standing to better communicate brand.

Knowledge of foreign languages, experience and image

Hostess & Promoter’s customer portfolio is rich of case histories that have involved and still involve on-site activities where professional profiles like hostess and stewards have been emploied in every issue and task : starting from a single hostess in a promotional totem to teams of professionals who cross whole cities.

Hostess & Promoter ensures the most suitable service to goals of communication pre-established by marketing managers and by up-stream established marketing strategies of activities in street or instore promotion.

The proposed hostess and stewards are always specifically trained in view of achievement of goals and on the best way to maximize brand’s exposure through contact with audience.

Professional profiles

Hostess & Steward

Crucial professional figures for any kind of field marketing activity. They represent the face and voice of a brand.

Brand Ambassador

Figure employed in extended activities. It is highly trained on products and services of the represented brand and promote capabilities of engagement to the audience.

Tour Leader

Figure in charge for management and efficiency of a tour marketing or road show activity with detailed logistical and monitoring tasks.

Specialized profiles

Complementary figures for field marketing activities that include entertainers, dancers, Djs, photographers and many other.

Mystery Client

Strategic profile in the retail sector. It continues several inspection cycles to assess management and sale performances of one or more stores.


Professional figure in charge for the brand’s presence on shelves as well as in warehouse, directly fostering shopping experience.


Specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products or services in view of the target audience’s engagement.

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