Guerrilla Marketing

Skills and professional profiles specialized in high-impact activities and involvement

Unconventional promotion strategies

Guerrilla Marketing is a form of low cost unconventional marketing, obtained by the creative use of instruments which work on audience’s imagination thanks to a strong emotional impact. Common goal to all activities is : to loyalize consumers and encourage decision of purchase in the short or medium term.

Hostess & Promoter involves skills and professional  profiles specialized in high impact activities thanks to focused “ Guerrilla” strategies which are studied to maximize effectiveness and visibility of brand under promotion.

Activity of Guerrilla Marketing is fundamental precisely because it  is social-friendly and characterized by a strong viral potentiality. A well studied and organized campaign of Guerrilla Marketing allows to obtain  audience of social networks’ attention and make people talk about promoted brand.

Hostess & Promoter performs operations of Guerrilla Marketing especially by dealing with bureaucratic and logistic sides, by interacting with public and private bodies that manage the identified places.

Operations of Guerrilla Marketing can involve specialized professional figures such as Chefs, Food Promoters for cut and weight, Entertainers, Silk-screen printers, Beauty workers, Choreographers, Dancers or other street artists like Street bikers for live performances of great impact.

All operations of Guerrilla Marketing must be carefully followed and performances monitored. This also happens for activities like flyering , tour and roadshow which are steadily monitored by our project managers too..

Hostess & Promoter introduces itself as operational partner to implement client’s creative ideas, by looking after staff’s management, production, planning, logistics and obviously visibility from A to Z.

Tour - Mondo Convenienza - Hostess Piazzale

Flyering and Sampling

Tour - Leopard - Hostess e Allestimento

Promotional Tours & Road Shows

street marketing

Occupation of public land

Tour - Mondo Convenienza - Hostess - Spiaggia

Experiential Marketing


Guerrilla Marketing

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