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Inside a point of sale or in MMR and GDS channels, instore promotion activity would not be efficient without use of figures like Promoters. It is about specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products and/or services aiming to engage target audience. It is not about an activity end in itself which aims to increase retail sales, but of a real instore campaign of visibility of a brand.

Therefore, Specialized and  Expert Promoters  are often presented like Brand Ambassadors. They become direct representatives of brand themselves and take all  value-based features that must be communicated to audience. Moreover, they work all year as sales force in out-sourcing just for one buyer.

Thanks to years’ experience in sector, Hostess & Promoter can ensure the use of qualified promoters, that are trained and in line to specific goals of instore promotion campaign on the basis of dedicated briefings organized by our account managers.

Moreover, Hostess & Promoter knows retail channel and manages promotion of products in every commercial area, from supermarket to direct store, from gallery of a mall to a temporary store. Thanks to a multifunctional platform, we select and train Promoters and Brand Ambassadors by ensuring the best carrying out of all promotional machine, control and transmission of required reporting. This latter phase is perhaps among the most important ones, as it is basic to check collected data in order to improve strategic and operational approaches of the ongoing campaign but also of future activities of marketing managers.

We meet final customer in the purchasing moment inside the Point of Sale.

Hostess & Promoter knows distribution channels of product : Production Department only proposes profiles properly trained and with certifications for all purchasing places, from malls, MMRs, GDS up to sales areas inside airports.

The agency provides on-site and online technical and sale training on product’s features in order to reduce costs.  We collect quality and sell-out data with a personalized reporting.

Professional profiles

Hostess & Steward

Crucial professional figures for any kind of field marketing activity. They represent the face and voice of a brand.

Brand Ambassador

Figure employed in extended activities. It is highly trained on products and services of the represented brand and promote capabilities of engagement to the audience.

Tour Leader

Figure in charge for management and efficiency of a tour marketing or road show activity with detailed logistical and monitoring tasks.

Specialized profiles

Complementary figures for field marketing activities that include entertainers, dancers, Djs, photographers and many other.

Mystery Client

Strategic profile in the retail sector. It continues several inspection cycles to assess management and sale performances of one or more stores.


Professional figure in charge for the brand’s presence on shelves as well as in warehouse, directly fostering shopping experience.


Specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products or services in view of the target audience’s engagement.

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