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Specialized Profiles

Specialized Profiles


Specialized Profiles

The sector “ Specialized Profiles” includes all those professional complementary figures in a field marketing activity. Which roles are included in this category and which ones can be offered by Hostess & Promoter ?

First step is to understand which are communication goals of field marketing activity. To intercept an audience of children is different from an audience of sportsmen, thus Specialized Profiles must be chosen with care too.

For this reason, for professionals with specific skills, Hostess & Promoter has created the new section “ Specialized Profiles”.

These figures are made necessary exactly for the strong evolution which has invested and still invests everyday Field Marketing and related activities.

It is therefore to employ specialized professional profiles in given activities. Here are just some Specialized Profiles that can be required :

Make Up Artits, Personal Shoppers, Artists ,  Dancers , Performers, Acrobats, Entertainers,Photographers, Djs, Videomakers, Bloggers, Social Influencers, etc.

Below there are some examples of Specialized Profiles’ use:

To organize a roadshow for an automotive brand could involve the use of a photographer to capture some moments of the ongoing field marketing activity, a Dj to create a musical atmosphere suitable to the event’s style, a blogger specialized in car sector, an influencer devoted to sport and/or car world, maybe some entertainers to involve children on car toys.

For the above mentioned example, Hostess & Promoter can provide all necessary figures to conduct a field marketing operation of such kind. However, we do not restrict ourselves in finding human resources. In fact, real value of an agency of professionals is given by phase of briefing and preliminary training of the involved personnel, by the activity’s monitoring and by final reporting too.

Evolution of FIeld Marketing requires personnel with particular skills for operations which must make purchase experience more fascinating : Personal Shoppers, Make Up Artist, Dancers , Performers ,  Entertainers , Djs , Photographers , Videomakers, Bloggers, Influencers.

Professional profiles

Hostess & Steward

Crucial professional figures for any kind of field marketing activity. They represent the face and voice of a brand.

Brand Ambassador

Figure employed in extended activities. It is highly trained on products and services of the represented brand and promote capabilities of engagement to the audience.

Tour Leader

Figure in charge for management and efficiency of a tour marketing or road show activity with detailed logistical and monitoring tasks.

Specialized profiles

Complementary figures for field marketing activities that include entertainers, dancers, Djs, photographers and many other.

Mystery Client

Strategic profile in the retail sector. It continues several inspection cycles to assess management and sale performances of one or more stores.


Professional figure in charge for the brand’s presence on shelves as well as in warehouse, directly fostering shopping experience.


Specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products or services in view of the target audience’s engagement.

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