Brand Ambassador in Strategies of Field Marketing

Brand Ambassador

Among the most researched activities figures by companies there is that of Brand Ambassador. This figure has become more and more complex over year, above all because of the overbearing spread of web marketing in business activities. Infact, a Brand Ambassador could be descrived as a “ support to sale” until a few years ago while today it has become a professionally complex figure, in steadily dialogue between offline and online channels.


Let’s be clear since the beginning : Brand Ambassador is not necessarily a complany’s employee. On the contrary, most of times, it is about an outdoor resource which is contacted in occasion of specific marketing campaigns during their launches.

The most famous Figure of Brand Ambassador today is that of influencer for sure.

This figure has come into the spot light with the growth and diffusion of social networks. Which are its features ? Of course fan base of its social channels that must present  an important cricial mass. But it’s not enough. To have thousands of followers that can not respect our target can be not only useless but also dangerous. Thus, the first operation a company must carry out is to identify those influencers that represent/ have influence on our target. A specialized fashion blogger in bags could not be suitable for a shoes brand, as well as an influencer skilled in videogames can not be in target for a brand producing icecreams except where a specific strategy comes to your mind. Purpose for an influencer’s use is double : give visibility ( because its fan base could represent reference audience), but also value ( as must the influencer is famous and influential, as much these value reflect on brand).

Testimonial is the most “ traditional” influencer. Generally, it is about show business, cinema or sport characters who give their image to a brand. Even in this case it is involved in occasion of a specific advertising campaign. Even in this case Testimonial is choosen for its fame, but also for its interest or professional area. Choice of Testimonial can sometimes follow the same dynamics adopted for influencer, but most of times an association by “ analogy” is made. For example, if you want to promote a new tyre model, a testimonial should have to deal with the Automotive sector so it will be a F1 or MotoGp pilot, or even anchorman of a famous tv programme devoted toc ars or motorcycles. This juxtapposition enhances brand positioning in final consumer’s mind as he joins quality of a model to efficiency of a product.

The same customer can become a Brand Ambassador. In the reality, all customers become Brand Ambassadors when comes out from a store with a branded bags between its hands. In that moment person is saying “ I have chosen this brand because I like what I have found in its store”. It follows that there can be detailed strategies and campaigns to maximize effects on customers’ satisfaction. A field marketing agency makes exactly this, it proposes the best approach to involve audience and make it the first face in a marketing campaign. Communication and peer-topeer influence always remain convincing levers for eeference audience.

Brand Ambassador

But how a Brand Ambassador can help = we have seen that a Brand Ambassador allows to increase visibilità of a brand or of a product but this is only the latest effect of its employ.

In fact, upstream there must be a market analysis. This work is not always made in a timely manner by a company and this risks to make loose energies and resources for not exact targets.

An organized companies that is able to choose its suppliers must above all have its target,  social and demographisc features, purchasing behaviours and abilities of purchase clear. This analysis allows to identify who is most attracted by our brand and if persons we want to make as our customers are already represented. Only after we can identiy the most suitable strategy to be adopted and so our Brand Ambassador.

Therefore, think about using a Brand Ambassador takes a very precious advantage. But what about on field? How to use it ?

To the exclusion of social networks and of tv and posting campaigns, a Brand Ambassador can be engaged for specific activities of field marketing.

After a careful training with regards to products of brand and to its values ( as well as instructions on the image’s employ), Brand Ambassadors of Hostess & Promoter allow to get closer and be put in contact with direct on-field audience giving a real demonstration and a tangible advantage on the prmoted brand.

In this way, we do not only aim to the anyway increase of visibilità, but we directly go to contact with audience, a more and more precious value today in a more and more impersonal and digitalized world.