The ABC of Hostess & Promoter

In the world of promotion and events, specific terms (mostly of English origin) are used uniformly, both by agencies and companies wishing to promote their brand. Therefore, knowledge of marketing terminology is essential for anyone wishing to work in the sector, in order to be able to demonstrate professionalism and fully understand the briefing (ah, you don’t know what the briefing is? so read on…) that is often sent before the start of the activity.  Therefore, we thought to indicate a brief, and therefore not exhaustive, glossary of the most commonly used words, in the hope that it will be useful to you to do your job better…. Here is the Host and Promoter of abc.


  • Account/Booker is a professional figure in charge of the selection, on behalf of an agency, of the professional profiles required by the client companies.
  • Briefing containing all the guidelines for the promotional activity. It usually contains information about the product to be advertised or how to carry out the activity.
  • Posters on cardboard of photographs of stewardesses or stewardesses, generally with measures and sizes.
  • Ecm Continuing Medical Education, i.e. medical congresses convened by the Ministry of Health, in which the presence of stewardesses is often required.
  • Brochure illustrating the product or service advertised
  • Flashmob A momentary meeting of a group of people in a public space in order to perform an unusual action or performance together.
  • In store Promotion marketing strategy involving the direct interaction of a promoter within the store, essential in the launch phase or consolidation of a product.
  • GDO, Large Scale Retail: This acronym refers to large supermarket chains and hypermarkets.
  • Promotional activities of Guerrilla Marketing through activities of unconventional effect, generally at low cost.
  • Misterious Customer is a professional figure who pretends to be a customer of a store to be able to elaborate a report on the quality of the service.
  • Point of sale PV (or pdv): any commercial space used for the sale of products or services.
  • Roadshow touring promotional activities, often with scenic and entertainment elements.
  • Distribution of free samples or gadgets to promote a product or service.
  • Vertical structure totem generally of metal or cardboard with advertising functions inside the points of sale.
  • Visual Merchandising, set of operations that lead to the insertion of a product at the point of sale, placing it according to the strategic guidelines towards the exhibition system.
  • Workshop meeting organized to study or deepen a specific theme.