How to choose photos for a hostess agency

It is very important, when you register with Hostess & Promoter, that you choose carefully the photos that will be included in the profile. The photo, especially for image events where a good presence is required, will be the business card that will influence both recruiters and business customers.

At the same time, sending photos taken by professional photographers or heavily retouched with Photoshop can be a double-edged sword: going through what is not equivalent to lying to an interview, in the sense that it could make you have a job, but at the same time jeopardize future collaborations if the client gives a negative answer.

For this reason, Hostess & Promoter always prefers to get to know its candidates, both through an interview and a video casting: this is just to see how you are, but rather to check if you have the qualities of proactivity and dialectics necessary to work in the field.

What we recommend to all people who subscribe to is that they use natural photos, perhaps even taken from facebook albums: it is important to have a real idea of how you are, to be able to propose the works that best suit your profile.

Of course, you can also include professional photos if you have already worked as a model: this can also be an important tool if your interest is more in fashion. But there are some photos that should be avoided: here’s a short list!

– Nude or sexy photos: sensuality is not the main characteristic of a stewardess, so we strongly advise you not to present yourself in this way, which would only put you in a bad light in the eyes of the agency.

– Photos with hats and sunglasses: it is better to present yourself naturally, because appearance is the most important part of a face. We remind you that it is unprofessional to wear sunglasses even during work. The same goes for strange hats, laurel wreaths, etc.

– Pictures with other people: sometimes we wonder who our candidate is in a group picture!

– Not very recent or retouched photos: these because it’s always worth being yourself!

In short, propose yourself as you are and always value yourself, but be careful not to step too hard on your hand!

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