Decalogue of the perfect Hostess

Hostessing is a job sometimes done by many girls to be able to round up and have an extra, especially during the university period: not being a fixed commitment can in fact well juxtapose the pace of study and the needs and availability of everyone.

Others instead are passionate about making it a real profession: we have advised you how to start: now we see how to become a perfect hostess.

Sometimes being a temporary activity does not mean that it is to be considered as an improvised job: being a perfect hostess means knowing how to communicate, since the work has a strong image component, and the girl or boy (in the case of stewards) must follow particular rules of conduct in order to best express the identity of the brand that you are called to represent, as well as the spirit of the event which is required support.

Hostess & Promoter selects and prepares all its collaborators in order to provide professional profiles valid for any type of event. In particular, each person who works with us is well informed about how the activity should be carried out in every detail: during the briefing phase, receives a small handbook, which we want to share with you, concerning just how to do, in general, the work of hostessing.

We propose it to you in our blog, for all those who have recently approached this particular sector but also for all those who already work there and always want to improve, of course without claiming to exhaust in this small list all the range of skills needed:



  1. A perfect Hostess welcomes, assists and guides the public during an event. For this she must have polite, professional ways and good verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  2. A perfect Hostess comes to work on time. Being an occasional job, being late at the event could jeopardize the possibility of future collaborations.
  3. A perfect Hostess knows how to present herself. Communication always begins with oneself, so it is necessary to have a nice appearance and clothing in line with the directives received: hair in order, no tattoo, piercing or visible jewelry, as well as it is better to avoid black enamel or glasses (contact lenses are preferable). A good communication starts from the look: for this reason, it is obvious that sunglasses are completely banned!
  4. A perfect Hostess knows how to behave. Communication, in fact, continues with its own attitude: for this reason no hostess smokes (which always hurts!) or eats outside break time, nor speaks on the phone or sends text messages, (and even updates her facebook status!).
  5. A perfect Hostess knows the work or the brand she is communicating. There is no worse thing for a company than being represented by those who are not sufficiently informed.
  6. A perfect Hostess knows how to communicate. Although it is a job of image, hostess does not mean P.R.: so it is not recommended to give excessive confidence to people you relate to during work, as well as provide personal information or your compensation.
  7. A perfect Hostess has a spirit of initiative: it is important to have a dynamic and proactive attitude and not just wait for others to do it.
  8. A perfect Hostess is available and collaborates to the optimal success of the event: it is therefore important, for example, to organize the breaks with your colleagues so as not to leave your station unguarded, as well as to be flexible to the needs of the event itself.
  9. A perfect Hostess collaborates actively with its agency: for this reason it will always be in contact with its contact person to be able to inform him if there are problems, difficulties, or in providing reports or photographic documentation if they are required by the agency itself.
  10. A perfect Hostess doesn’t need this decalogue. She is professionally prepared and already knows how to behave, aware that she is relied on for the optimal success of the event to which she is called to collaborate.