Phone interview: how to answer

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If you’re looking for a first opportunity for a work in field marketing, the invitation for a phone interview might be the first step. As we wrote for “face-to-face interview” you have just one occasion to make the first impression. So we will give you some tips for making a good one.

Eliminate distractions

Make sure you’re in a quiet room without any potential distractions and pay close attention to what the interviewer has to say. If you’re leaving your laptop open to have all needed resources at hand, make sure you close all your chat platforms – there’s nothing appealing about a candidate whose Facebook chat notification is heard over the phone during an interview.

Stand up

Standing up and walking around during your phone interview impacts your tone of voice to come across more effectively. Having a clear voice during a call is much like wearing the best outfit at an event – it’s your gateway to building a great first impression – and we all know how much these count. Your clear tone can also allow your potential employer to notice your communication skills – which are of peak importance for this kind of job.”]

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In phone interviews, words are everything you got. You don’t have the luxury of non-verbal communication, and a limited amount of time to communicate your strong points verbally, so make the best of it. The mistake here most candidates fall for is to focus on words, rather than strategical communication – don’t start blabbering as if you’re talking to your best friend.

At the same time if you appear too shy or silent it is not beneficial for this type of work, which has a strong relational component.

The advice is to maintain a professional tone and do not try to monopolize the conversation with unnecessary details. If you have no interest in this activity, or you can not participate, you cordially thank your interlocutor and renewing your interest in other activities: showing yourself as bored or grumpy could in fact foreclose some future options.

Use notes

One of the biggest advantages of phone interviews is that you can use notes. Bring a copy of your resume to ensure you’re specific when asked about any important dates. This is especially important because confusing information might lead recruiters to think you are not being honest about your experience and could leave them wondering about your organizational skills.

Listen, do not interrupt, and ask

There’s nothing more disengaging in a conversation that having people talk over you while you’re trying to make a point. So listen to what the recruiter has to say during your phone interview, focus on what you are being asked, and don’t interrupt even if you feel you’ve got the answer. Saying confirmation words such as “right”, “OK”, or “I understand” at intervals can help let the recruiter know you are paying attention without you actually interrupting.

Once it has finished, ask all the details (timetable, salary, type of activity) to see if you’re the right person and check if you are available for this activity.

If you have no interest in the activity, even simply thank your interviewer: the way you communicate your no interest or inability will be noted for future opportunities.

You have to remain calm and understand that on the other side of the phone there’s an actual person talking to you, and that certain someone wants to hire you as much as you want to get hired the only thing left to do is actually earn your approval and focus on making the best out of showcasing your qualities.

Good luck!”]