Perfect execution, what it is and how to implement it

perfect executionLately we hear about Perfect Execution in field marketing sector. There have certainly been great marketing professionals who have given their contribution in providing definition and examples of it. That is why we could not but take the field and say in it on the base of experience accrued in field marketing sector.

Let’s start from the nowadays ascertained premise that activity of field marketing is basic for a brand on the base of its ability in showing among persons. Moreover, a correct use in field marketing allows t ogive direct and involving visibilità of its valued pro position.

Therefore, a Perfect Execution is that approach which allows to maximize results in every activity of field marketing.

Data’s analysis and location’s choice

Analysis is at the base of Perfect Execution. If we start from what is the archive of activities which is ensured by an agency with long-time experience in the back, it is already possible to identify ideal strategies and locations for a certain activity of field marketing. For example, database of Hostess & Promoter is rich not only of professional profiles ( exactly 124.000, the biggest database in Italy ), but also of meeting places, malls, sales points or retain chains al lover Italy.

A mixed but complete panorama of locations where you can promote your brand according to target you want to reach. In fact, in a PERFECT EXECUTION, choice of place where you want to work is strategically essential to reach pre-established aims. Moreover, to know territory allows to suggest the busiest areas and network sto customer and so to maximize on necessary promoters for that specific activity.

Without a careful preliminary analysis, an efficient execution does not exist.


Once aims and times of execution of field marketing plan are established, it is necessary to train staff exactly to maximize these instruments.

At the head of operations we find Team Leader who is in charge of following and coordinating on-field activity during performance of field marketing plan.

Team Leader is responsible for operational management of staff ( hostess, stewards, promoters, photographer and video maker and/or other professional profiles), as well as on-place logistics.

Every person of staff is trained and informed on aims to be reached and on available instruments.

Consequently, staff keeps monitoring of activities’ trend by reporting to tour leader.

In this way, it is possible to carry over a field marketing activity which is continuously in progress.

This training can be both remote through webinars and personally with specific training days or through skype chats.  Staff is decisive for any activity of field marketing because it allows brand to take a human form and be connected with potential consumer.

The more staff is tight-knit the more it will easily be connected with customers.

Team leader

Team leader must be considered the core of all activity for a perfect execution .

tour leader

It is about a term borrowed by travel world where team leader accompanies tourist groups and dictates times and modes for field trip. In field marketing sector, team leader is responsible for on-field activities and manages and coordinates project’s resources and trend.

Team Leader is an essential figure and distrust from who provides you a service by minimizing its role or even downgrading it to an “ optional” in order to apply a higher fee on quote.

We are talking about ON-FIELD referee for any marketing activity and is a key role that can contribute a lot on success or failure of the same.

Therefore, distrust from low-cost quotes and from those aiming to do without essential figures for coordination and efficiency of activity to make you reduce costs.

In conclusion, a Perfect Execution is the approach distinguishing a professional agency from an improvised team and it’s the best way to make a promotional activity “ succeed.