Online Marketing without Offline activities does not exist.

online marketing“Millenials” are not the only people at their ease on Internet. Actually, instruments and activities of online marketing are all-consuming, widespread and crosswise involving all the contemporary world. Having said that, saying that offline marketing is dead is totally wrong.

Some studies show that strategies of offline marketing also increase success of online marketing activities of brands up to 40%. Believe it.

This happens because if offline contents are not created, you will never have power and credibility on what you share online.

This is why promotional strategy must be studied and prepared exactly starting from offline activities which allow direct visibility, but above all contact with customers. This contact occurs thanks to the same product.

Let’s make an example: if you are a gym shoes’ seller and believe that your product has value, how can you convince persons if you don’t create contents on your shoes? Perhaps we are going too fast. What does “ create contents” mean ?

It means to talk about the product through a technical card, but also through experience. To show how it fits, how it is comfortable, who uses it, for what it is used and where it is used. Activities of operational marketing are among the best instruments to create contents. It is possible to do this through promotional inside commercial galleries, in high-traffic summer or winter locations , or you can simply do this on the road.

Finally: you can do what you want on the base of your reference target, but you will not be truly tell if your same target does not test it and talk about it.

Without offline contents an efficient online engagement can not exist, as well as advertising material fit for web, social or other online support.

Starting from there your online presence will have acquired importance and will bring results that can be controlled and analyzed in every moment.

As better your offline activity will be as higher success you will have online by talking to your target.

Actually, incentive to purchase and input to purchase are no more consequential process. After incentive to purchase that is a survey on product through the so called word of mouth of friends and relatives, of trust people who should never advise a poor product or service.

Thus, it is basic people talk about product, it is basic that in offline activities product or service are tested and told by the same target. We do not talk about testimonials or actors that are paid to promote a brand. We talk about common people, casually involved during street activities for example, that answers to product’s launches or tastings.

Need of possession stands in persons’ experience who test it, their faces, their smiles, the so called brand experience.

Advice we always give to our customers and what we propose to do is to organize a campaign of integral offline promotion.

This kind of campaign is studied on the base of own market positionning, of coverage we want to reach and of business message we want to give.

All this must be analyzed before starting online communication activities so as to receive in the same time a comparison among measurable targets and on-field results almost collected in real time.

In conclusion, offline activity allows to comunicate at best value of our product and be in contact with persons and not be uniquely connected to a photo or to a post on social media.

Alongside, this approach allows to activate operations of online marketing to increase visibilità and level of users’ involvement in target by measuring results.

But, never think that only by online activity hoped results can be reached.

If you are not close to your customer, no online marketing will come to a good end.