Green Marketing, what it is and how to implements it

green marketing yamamayLet’s start suddenly with Green Marketing definition.

It is about an approach tot o activities of promotion and communication of a brand which do not impact too much on environment.       All seems clear up to this, but how to answer to the question “ how to do it”? We can have multiple often contradictory answers  .  somebody defines green marketing as a way to “ rewas” a company from a less sustainable past ( the so called green washing), on the contrary other ones limit          green marketing to simple operational actions with low environmental impact : one of these can be absence of paper flyers and coming of digital material.

Let’s say that green marketing is a bit all this, but not only this.

Green Marketing is surely an operational approach, but it starts from premise that company has adopted a more modern and sustailable vision compared to past. This pasage ( or washing) can not be limited to simple change of material ( from paper to web) but must ve shown by same marketing strategies.

We don’t want to penetrate into meanders of Corporate Social Responsibility, that can bring to laudable initiatives, as KITKAT did, by cancelling palms’ reduction.

Let’s limit ourselves in under standing how a company can approach to field marketing activities with a more sustainable modality without renouncing in reaching communication aims ( visibilità, coverage, engagement, etc.)

The main instrument that can replace “ polluting” operational marketing is digital for sure. Up today, more and more street marketing activities are carried on through electronic devices like ipads, tablets or more simply smartphones. Action staff more and more uses electrical tran sport means during promotional marketing 1

Sampling : Distribution od advertising material has always been a controversial activity. Companies like it because it is not too expensive and leaves something practical to user ( flyer) that will be read in any case, even for few seconds. If communication has been efficient, there will be a minimal result at least. However, flyer dirties, is thrown away, is lost and is dispersed into the environment. Companies are often fined for excessive use of flyers. How to do? Email , or better DEM, is certainly an alternative,  which keeps all flyer’s features ( rather improved, considering it is possible to insert link to own website or landing page), but which does not pollute.

In this case, contact is taken by a promoter equipped with tablet who registers data and emails and inserts user in a database. Further advantages? That contact will stand forever in database and will not be lost together with flyer.

Street tour : among motorcycles, cars and vans activity of “ on the road” promotion are not sustainable, even with long-term costs of refuelling and handling. With bycycles, segways and electrical cars we obtain a double result : on the one hand they pollute less, on the other hand there is a further interest lever for users represented by the same instruments.

Hostess & Promoter has performed on behalf of Yamamay promotion for the opening of new points of sale. In loco diffusion  news have been given to promoters on segway who have allowed them to easily cover huge distances in the area without tiring, polluting or disturbing with annoying noises deriving from internal combustion engines. Very good results,  zero environmental impact and a positive perception of brand.

Traditional flyering signs cities’ death; it’s more and more clear how companies in line with times must keep in mind this new awareness today.