Working as a Hostess for Events: 7 practical tips

There is no vademecum on how to start working as a hostess, or on how to work: before each rule, the hostess is a figure who must adapt to situations that are different every day.

Hostess & Promoter has a solid experience in the field, so we know how to best advise you: here is a small ranking with our best “tips”!

1) Know English. Yes, fairs are now international events, attended by an audience that works in the field, often foreign, who will ask you for information in English about the activities of your stand. It is therefore necessary to know English, in order to respond correctly and fluently.

2) Self-care. If working as a hostess does not mean to be a model, it is necessary to have a careful look: there are no restrictive measures or sizes, as in the field of fashion, but still remains a work of image. It is therefore essential to present yourself with appropriate clothing (when not supplied) in line with the guidelines received, with hair in order and a light makeup. It is often recommended not to wear earrings or bracelets too showy.

3) Subscribe to different agencies. Knowing English and having a nice look are the two prerequisites to start looking for work, while agencies are the most direct way to find it: some, like ours, have a registration directly online, while for others you need to introduce yourself in person. Even if an agency is based in a city, it very often works in different areas (Hostess & Promoter, for example, works all over Italy!). In both cases, you need at least two photos, one of the face and one of the full-length figure: instead, you don’t need photo books.

4) Find out about the selections in progress: this does not mean calling or writing continuously to the agency. It is in fact a very widespread practice, which unfortunately has the opposite effect and of which we too, very often, are victims. Agencies follow a lot of events at the same time, and they know how to propose to the right profiles the most suitable jobs: insisting continuously would only slow down their work, increasing the stress (and trust me, that’s never missing!)

5) Try to give your best at the first opportunity: if you have accepted a job, try to give an immediate impression. So be prepositional, interested and willing to support the event in the best possible way. Even if it’s an occasional job, try to do it and be prepared about the activity: the agencies, even if not present at the event, always ask how their hostesses behaved, so getting good feedback from the customer certainly means working again for that agency. So you need punctuality, the study of the briefing and, in general, a dynamic and proactive attitude.

6) Ask for any kind of information about the activity: the agency you are supporting relies on you, so it is essential that you are autonomous in managing the work when you are at the fair: it is important, therefore, to be informed about everything before the activity begins. Do not hesitate to ask your Event Manager for any clarification or doubt: the important thing is to do it before the event!

7) Have a strong problem solving: a thousand small unforeseen events can happen but it is preferable not to be discouraged. Practical attitude and organizational skills are the most important qualities for those who want to work as a hostess.

If you would like to submit your application, please read this article first on how to present your resume in the best possible way.