Merchandiser: strategic profile in retail and in-store promotion


In an increasingly diverse market, the role of the Merchandiser becomes all the more important: it is the responsible profile that ensures that the product is displayed at the point of sale at the right time and in the right quantities.

He is therefore a strategic professional figure who works closely with both the sales department of a company in forecasting trends and stock levels, both with the Visual Merchandiser, as regards the preparation of the product and its positioning.

It therefore plays a key role within organisations: a company’s profit, such as its profitability, can in fact be decisively influenced by the success with which it carries out its work. This professional figure is crucial in pricing to maximize profits, managing the assortment of the various ranges, supporting the company in planning and implementing promotions, and also has an important supervisory role in the delivery and distribution of inventories, as well as in the relationship with suppliers.


We can therefore summarise the tasks of the Merchandiser in this way:

– He supervises the delivery and distribution of stocks

– Plan your stock product range

– Monitors sales and promotion effectiveness

– Work closely with the visual merchandiser to decide how goods should be displayed according to the brand’s philosophy and identity.

Hostess & Promoter guarantees, through its professional network, the correct management of the display and assortments, the display of promotional and exhibition materials, the activity of P.R. with the managers and the possible collection of orders: working both in the G.D.O. and in the G.D.S, we are in fact able to provide full support, from the logistical and organizational point of view, so that each type of product is presented in the best possible way and in the right quantities, allowing it, alone, to play a preponderant and active role in the sales process.