Curriculum for hostesses: how best to write it

Did you also send a resume for hostesses? Every day in our email we receive your resumes: we remind everyone that, to work with Hostess & Promoter, you must subscribe to the site by clicking in the section “Work with us”, which is necessary to receive our job offers.
Having said that, of course we read and keep all the curricula you send us: for this reason we have noticed that, often, we receive documents that are not well structured, and that therefore could negatively affect the recruiters to whom you apply. We therefore give you some advice on how best to compile your “life path”, whether you are looking for a job as a hostess or as a promoter.

First of all, being a hostess is a job of image, so it is important that in the curriculum there is at least one photo: okay a close-up, in which you present yourself naturally and with a light makeup: you should avoid studio photos, with an obvious use of Photoshop or, even worse, sexy photos! We had already given you some tips on how to choose the photos, which you can read here: it is recommended to show yourself with a soap and water look, to highlight your seriousness and professionalism.

Always for the same reason, it is important, compared to a generic one, that in your curriculum for hostesses you refer to your physical status, such as height and size and number of shoes worn: this is not because there are restrictive physical criteria, but because often you will have to bring uniforms provided by the same agency or its customer, and know your measures would facilitate the work.

Start with a presentation of your goals: write, trying to be original, who you are and why you think you are the right person for this job. Avoid abused terms and adjectives such as “solar” or “dynamic” or “stubborn”: from our experience, these ways of defining yourself can be read in all the curricula, so try to highlight your strengths in a more refined way!

Important are the work experiences in the field of reference, both for the hostess and for the promoter: make a list of each promotion or activity that you have carried out starting from the last in chronological order and indicating the name of the agency, the name of the product or service subject of the event and the mechanics of the same activity.

Another important element is education: write down which high school you attended, if you are studying at university or you graduated, as well as if you did specific and professional courses, even not in the field of hostessing. Similarly, highlight in the curriculum for hostesses if you have obtained particular certificates (HACCP, Airport Security, as well as language certificates such as TOEFL or TESOL).

Particularly important for this work is the knowledge of languages. Write down your level of knowledge truthfully, even if you have spent time abroad where you have had the opportunity to improve the language. Don’t forget your computer skills either: if you know how to use Word, Excel or portable devices such as tablets or I-pads, which have been widely used in this type of activity lately.

For this type of work it is also important to highlight all the extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, competitive sports, and especially the experiences where you had the opportunity to relate in multicultural contexts. The ease, the attention to the other and especially the ability to relate in a professional way are in fact the most requested skills for those who want to approach the work of hostessing and promotion. Good luck!