Job interview as a hostess and promoter: how best to deal with it

blankA job interview: In America it is common to say “You never have a second chance to make a first impression”. If in life you often have the opportunity to change your mind about us, in the workplace it becomes much more difficult, especially in the short time of the job interview.

So, in this case, it is certainly true that the dress is a monk: and you have to start from there, from the interview, presenting yourself with a clothing that is indicated to the context (not too formal or plastered, but not even in a gym outfit!) and that makes you feel at ease.

If it is useless to make the usual recommendations on time, punctuality and clothing, we will now try to give you some practical advice on how to pass the interview in the agency for a job as a hostess or promoter.

We can in fact divide the interview into several phases: the first, called the “warm up” is the one that lasts the first few minutes, and that serves to break the ice. Do not underestimate this phase of presentation with the recruiter: some studies show that, in a third of cases, the recruiter has already understood if he wants to entrust the job or not to the candidate in the first 2 minutes.

The advice we give you is to have a relaxed attitude, showing you curious about the activity, and also smiling and able to play down with a joke.

blankYou enter the live of the interview, which will be a real exam, and where, alas, your skills and especially your personality will be scanned, to see if you are in line with the type of work required. As in any situation of life, trying to hide your defects will only highlight them: the winning advice, then, is to try instead to turn them into strengths.

Did you get low grades at the University? Show how you have been more focused on finishing early, to be able to enter the world of work and be independent.

Have you all had very short work experience? Emphasize how you are able to adapt to dynamic and changing contexts. In any case, avoid to deny your weaknesses: no one is perfect, so those who think they are are certainly guilty of presumption.

After this phase of “screening” we will certainly talk about the proposed activity: in this case it is very useful to find out about the company, the product and the services that you will represent.  There’s nothing worse than to be completely fasting on the job proposed, it will make you seem listless and unmotivated.

Anyone who knows how to sell well will also know how to sell well the company for which he works. But if it is true that you have to give a good impression of yourself, it is also to avoid attitudes to what you are not: propose yourself as a great manager at 23 years, or, worse, show yourself with arrogant or seductive attitudes will certainly give the idea of being a very insecure person and, therefore, unreliable.blank

It is also a good idea to avoid making extremist, drastic or overly original judgments or statements. This does not mean trying to show yourself without personality, but rather to offer you more balanced than provocative: for jobs such as hostesses or promoters, the agency will select profiles with a strong propensity for conversation and contact with the public.

So, motivate and develop your answers and clarify yourself what may seem ambiguous, before you are asked. Speaking well also means not talking too much: even during the interview the synthesis is one of the virtues most appreciated in the company, because transmitting as much information as possible in the shortest time possible means having method, logical rigor and expressive skills that are certainly qualities to be enhanced.

Finally, fyou have the questions, about timetables, activity, company, agency in general: in short, be willing and reliable, perfectly able to deal with responsibility and problem-solving the task that will be entrusted to you.

Good luck!