How to choose the hostess agency: 5 tips to follow

How to choose the hostess agency or staff for events? Often, both to apply and to entrust the management of the event, you are faced with a very wide choice, and often at first glance undifferentiated.

What are the guidelines to keep in mind in order to choose the right agency to rely on? Let’s give some guidelines to follow so as not to run into nasty surprises.

1) Which clients did you work with? The best advertising for a company is given by the references left by its customers. It is therefore important to check whether the agency’s website mentions the projects supported, so as to understand the size of the company and what types of customers it targets.

2) Is the agency rooted in the territory? It is important to ensure that the agency can actually cover a number of resources that cover the entire territory, without relying on external agencies or subcontractors. In this way we can avoid nasty surprises, such as a higher price for the customer, and have a single contact person.

3) Verify that the staff receives a contract in accordance with the law (with civil and third party insurance). Even if it should be taken for granted, it is always better to ask.

4) Check the registered office of the agency. Unfortunately, in this area we are faced with improvised realities that cannot guarantee the required quality standards. For this reason, the company’s headquarters must always be mentioned, as it is structured internally.

5) Have a look at the web reputation of the agency. All you have to do is check on Google if the social networks and forums talk about the agency itself and its work (relationship with the hostesses, punctuality in payments, professionalism). There are many groups dedicated to the topic, which allow hostesses and promoters to exchange information and experience in this field.

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