Hostess in fair: its importance in business and sales

In a changing and growing world, trade fairs are the ideal platform to present their products to the public, as well as being an essential marketing tool for an almost immediate return.
Due to the large amount of advertising and increased competitiveness of the industry, corporate events are a useful tool to present the service that is offered and to get to know the potential target audience.

But what really makes a brand stand out is the staff on the stand: in this case, the importance of the hostess at the fair is fundamental. Having a group of qualified hostesses at the fair, who are able to convey the values of the brand and its objective, is essential. It is in fact strategic that they know how to bring the product closer to the public and, at the same time, have knowledge of the functioning of institutional events and congresses.

That’s why, although having a business profile is very important to buy customers, it is considered an obligation to have training and experience in “business etiquette” to get a good result. The hostess at the fair, as well as the steward, who knows how to behave and who knows the social and business rules of each country, represent a positive point for the company and the product.

For this reason, it is important to inform yourself through the briefing of all the key aspects of the exhibition space, such as the service points (bar, V.i.P. area, bathrooms, cloakroom…) or the rules of conduct (in case of emergency, evacuation, etc.).

We must also not forget some basic rules that, although they seem obvious, could be basic for the image of the company and, consequently, for its sales.

Therefore, every hostess at the fair should have in account:

1. Careful appearance: Although usually the style of the clothing is determined by the type of event or the profile of the company, a smile, a proper hairstyle or an elegant dress can be elements of great importance to offer a good impression. The preparation and courtesy of a hostess will always be associated with the way of doing the company she represents.

2. Ability to convince: without insisting too much, a team of hostesses who believe in his product and know how to present it in front of the customer is a treasure for those who hire it.

3. Conduct: events are communication, so it is clear that shyness must be left at home if you want to work in the industry. An exemplary hostess will be honest, extrovert, able to expose information in a short space of time and prepared for rejection (something that is also part of the work).
We mean, therefore, that the personal image is not only how we dress, comb or make up, but much more.

Since hostesses are the first approach to the company, they will be of enormous use: the ability to resolve, adapt and get involved in all circumstances, all skills that contribute to a better perception of the brand by the customer.

On the contrary, an overlooked image or an inadequate attitude (reflecting a lack of willingness to do) attribute negative values to the company such as a lack of seriousness or professionalism regarding the attitude towards the customer.

For all this, it is always an advantage to have a specialized and reliable hostess agency to find the profile that suits every type of company, also allowing you to save time and money by posting an ad or doing casting and interviews.

Finally, some of the upcoming fairs in Spain where the hostess service is essential and part of the show: 080 Barcelona Fashion (June 29 to July 1), Barcelona Harley Days (July 1 to 3) and the E-days event show (July 6 and 7).

Meritxell Fernández

Editorial Staff