Prague Events: our Promoters of December!

This month Promorange sro has supported many Prague events.

The most important ones were in collaboration with the MVP agency, specialized in Communication and Public Relations.

Promorange operationally supported the annual Apres Ski , the popular winter sports festival, for  its fourth edition.

We received a big audience in the fascinating location of Nàplavka, on the banks of the Vltava River that crosses the Czech capital.

Our promoters in fact offered a rich program to the many children who attended the event: the young audience could use a real ski slope, have the chance to do water skiing and to meet pro sportsmen, and other activities.

The Saint Nicolas event was aimed to youngest public too, on December 5st: if you don’t know, Saint Nicholas is an important holiday in Czech Republic: according to the Tradition, this day you can meet on the street  these three characters : Saint Nicholas (Mikuláš), a figure very similar to Santa Claus, the Angel , which is good (anděl) and the Devil (čert) that distribute sweets and presents to children.

And it was what they did our more than 80 entertainers, for all the families of the employees of  Prague Airport: they supported the organized games and the creative workshops for this occasion. This event was conceived and organized by the MVP agency.

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