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Temporary Tour

The temporary brings the image of your brand wherever you want it to be

Temporary Tour

We support you in creating temporary stores in cities’ squares or in national malls. We design and produce efficient corners outstore or inside shoping galleries.

Marketing operations connected to Temporary Store ( or Pop-Up Store) are often considered the best solutions in terms of brand’s visibility and an efficient push towards sell-out of exposed products. Temporary world uses temporary stores or travelling moving means that become real points of sale of very high appeal  more and more branded and original.

Temporariness brings your brand’s image wherever you want, instore and outstore, by introducing it into several networks and supports. It can be customized according to customer’s needs and kind of activity.

Temporary activities are divided into :

  • Temporary shop/store/retail
  • Temporary tour with moving trucks

Activities connected to temporary shop, temporary retail and temporary store are in real temporary shops which are often conceived to launch new products’ lines , limited editions or exceptional discounts. It is about smart solutions to connect your reality to final consumer’s one.

It’s exactly temporariness of this activity its real strenght; short time available creates need of an immediate purchase which pushes consumer to purchase without waiting comparison with other brands. Temporary stores often close once goods in stock are sold out.

Interest created in a temporary retail establishes great success of this activity both in terms of brand’s visibility and in terms of commercial sale.

When temporary store becomes traveling, we can talk about Temporary Tour or Truck Promotion because a customizable moving truck supports the activity. Therefore, we bring brand all around Italy to make as many people as possible  live a funny and original temporary experience.

We have many wheeled solutions to propose : Piaggio Ape, branded vans or caravans which attend major events organized or in town centres where customers’ flow is continual.

In case of beverage sector companies, we talk about real moving coffee bars. They are complete and equipped for activities of street food and events of show cooking, launches of products or tastes.

Thanks to its accurate work, Hostess & Promoter owns a database with locations attended by all reference markets which are daily updated. We identify the best Instore and Outstore locations and provide complete and detailed mappings that will be monitored through geolocated apps currently under activity. We also deal with H.A.C.C.P. norms and H.A.C.C.P. courses for our personnel in food & beverage activities, as well as application for certified notice of commencement of works ( In Italian : Scia ) and OPL ( Occupation of public land) in order to state temporary stores’ stay  on all national territory.

Hostess & Promoter is here with local staff thoroughout Italy and is close to you in all phases : research of location, staff’s training and contractualisation, bureaucratic authorizations, production and branding of visibility material, stands, means, sampling and gadgets, raw material’ selection in food & beverage ( in case of beverage temporary tour ) and logistics.

Are you interested in discoverying how to realize and customize your means? You have not much time but are you looking for something original ? You are ready with your creative project and do you want to launch your product ?

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