Innovazione e ricerca

Innovation and research

Hostess & Promoter’s aims are innovation and research for development of technologies’  designated to improve management and control of services’ effectiveness.

Innovation and research represent Hostess and Promoter’s engine. We reinvent ourselves on the base of market’s evolutions and technologies.

In fact, Hostess & Promoter has an IT department devoted to development and technological research, thanks to its digital platform which supports project managers in all operational phases : from recruitment to training, from briefing to e-learning questionnaires up to close activities with online reports which are specially studied together with customers.

The geolocated technological approach is essential both for activities of retail promotion ( in order to assess its cash flows, passages, sales and contacts) and for street activities in order to better follow on-field activities and check staff’s accuracy and inclination.

Speed, Accuracy, Promptness are the It research’s aims which are applied to Field and Trade Marketing.

Attention to  RESEARCH and INNOVATION gives to Hostess & Promoter self-confidence to move in a world where technology improves at speed of light.

Customer will receive detailed and geo-located reports, sell-out and records in live-streaming through solutions of Innovation and Research. These solutions go from proximity marketing to real-time reporting , from tools of audience’s engagement to same interaction with persons that will live a fascinating if not immersive experience thanks to an IT-Driven approach.

Finally, the involved personnel will always be sufficiently trained by the Innovation and Research team in order to use at best potentialities of used technology. In fact, it’s no coincidence that Hostess & Promoter boasts a continual training on e-learning platforms, broke in process to control customer satisfaction and detailed briefs.

In this way, a quality and quantity control of marketing activities is always possible.

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