Interviews & Market Surveys

To get real-time feedback, Hostess & Promoter has interviewers for market surveys, and interviews: Our team operates in computer way the data collection, the sharing with the customer
and the monitoring of the project.

Maximum profiling and presence on the ground

Organized focus groups for customized products and market analysis testing: thanks to a database that includes more than 100,000 profiles, Hostess & Promoter is able to provide the public with the highest profiling in each location.

Thanks to the endowment of apps and tablets, the interviewers can acquire the answers or the master data in real time.

The interviews are particularly useful for statistical control, random or targeted to a particular audience, event or product.

Particularly useful are also organized focus groups to interview potential consumers before the launch of the product itself, or in prototyping phase or for final choices online.

Hostess & Promoter guarantees staff briefing following the guidelines dictated by the customer.