In Store Promotion & Retailtainment

The In Store Promotion and Retailtainment represent the answer to the demand of ``Experiential Marketing`` as a purchasing leverage and knowledge of brands. Using sales solutions driven by Promoters represent a plus on the perception of the product and the opportunities for differentiation.

Hostess & Promoter works into Retail Marketing and provides indoor promotional staff to involve your brand’s clients into the shopping experience.

The shop that does not stimulate the customer will remain a sadly empty shop

Hostess & Promoter knows the Retail Marketing and manages the promotion of indoor products in any commercial space to make the purchase experience more engaging. Hostess & Promoter select staff Promoter qualified with special care in retailtainment and direct promotion to specific public in all distribution channels: the main GDO and GDS, shopping centers and single-brand POS, but also ensuring Airports whenever all the required certifications (H.A.C.C.P., occupational safety, license Airport).

Hostess & Promoter provides and manages your Pop materials to give your activation the right image.

Continuous training will always guarantees a high standard for your Hostess, Promoter but also to Special Professional like chef, pastry chef, entertainer and artist to animate your event.