Mystery Client

The Mystery Shopper (or Client) is a strategic profile in the retail sector, which is essential to monitor the work of staff, but also to retrieve valuable information about visual merchandising, sales volume, the inflow of customers.

The Mystery shopper is an improvement of Sale Point tool, rather than control.

Thanks to an extensive database, the proposed Mystery Clients coincide with typical customers of each store: they are specialized in qualitative and quantitative analysis, which will be collected and sent to customers in computerized form in real time.

The Mystery Shopper can be formed for specific control activities and
It is suitable for several quantitative and qualitative visual investigations.

It is therefore a specific and anonymous operator acting on specific initiatives across multiple channels, online and offline.

It goes in person at a retail store, talks with staff or other customers. He is equipped with dedicated and tailor-made apps and has a strong ability of observation by measuring response times, quality and compliance with corporate directives.

The Mystery Client can be used for your own Survey, on your distributors, partners, suppliers or to investigate competitors.