Logistic and Reporting

Logistical System and Reporting Hostess & Promoter allows you to know in real time the ROI of each investment and the status of the project.

Hostess & Promoter has designed a software available to the client, to provide all the necessary information in real time.

A single point of contact for logistics

Hostess & Promoter Logistics division, manages the storage and distribution of promotional material thanks to the central warehouse and the various warehouses in the area: this allows our customers to have a single point of contact from which to be continually updated in real time.

The reporting is the flagship of hostess & promoter.

The mission is to build, together with the customer, also adapting to its information systems, a report tailored to have real-time data and custom. We guarantee real report, unmodified and daily, to allow marketing managers to measure and take corrective actions in quick mode.