Our History

Hostess & Promoter, with over ten years of experience, specializes in performing Field Marketing projects in the In Store Promotion, Street Marketing and exhibitions and congresses.

Hostess & Promoter performs operational marketing projects commissioned both by communication agencies and by the marketing department of direct clients.

We have industrialized, transformed into protocol the and Hostess and Promoter industry, creating high-tech and innovative flows and processes. We believe that ongoing improvement is the basis for growth and success.

Hostess & Promoter arises because companies meet people

Hostess & Promoter over the years has increased its services: in addition to the staff has added logistics management and organization, through cutting-edge technology and specialized team for promotional campaigns

2006: Hostess & Promoter is born in Florence.

2011: Hostess & Promoter counts 50,000 members.

2012: Opens the Commercial Division in Milan.

2014: : Founding of the Hostess & Promoter agency in Prague operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2015: Hostess & Promoter S.L., the Barcelona agency, is born, Hostess & Promoter has over 100,000 members and inaugurates the new headquarters with an integrated warehouse in Florence.

2016: Inauguration of the fifth agency Hostess & Promoter in Lugano, Switzerland.

Hostess & Promoter makes a rebranding process becoming group of agencies specializing in services for the Field Marketing.