Hostess and Promoter runs initiatives and projects of Retail Marketing in store/out store. Inaugurations and new openings, one-to-one contacts, participation in national and local events.
Besides numerous annual actions in the various retail, fashion, sports, cosmetics.
Such as Desigual at European level, Mariannaud, LLG Group, Carpisa, Yamamay in Italian territory

We do not take care of the conception of communicative mechanics, but we perform the one requested by the customer, with our Field Marketing Account and Trade Marketing Account we listen to the needs and turn them into action, with logistics, staff, paperwork, production of materials and organizing secretary activity.

With over 300 events in 2016 in the Retail Outlets Squares, Market, Main Events consolidates a report for the marketing of the Italian center.

Hostesses and Promoters in addition to retail, working with customers of large retail such as Mondo Convenienza, leader in the furniture field.

The events of Trade and Field Marketing in retail generate measurable performances in terms of brand experience, in addition to creating useful material for Web communications. Hostess & Promoter carefully collects sales results for marketing and photo / video of the actions useful to the web marketing manager or the communication agency of the company.