Personal Care

According to the survey AstraRicerche for Garnier on new trends that affect women in the personal care sector, it appeared that the female target first look for ``human touch`` to cosmetic products against loneliness, the coldness, the subjective irrelevance, to correct the virtual devoid of physical contact, to warm the heart and caress life (and skin), to claim the warm interpersonal relations typical of Mediterranean culture.

If we link these results to the success they are having in recent times, online video tutorials where women teach other women how to use makeup and take care of themselves, a panorama and a changed market takes shape, where marketing strategies must remain consistent with these new trends.

The store then regains its importance, summarizing in itself the old ``shop`` role.

It is here that, through the figure of the Promoter, you reestablish direct contact between the company and the consumer: sharing, dialogue and especially listening to the needs of those who buy then become essential tools for the orientation of the consumer choices, complementary to those which are the new needs of the buyer.