The Congress Hostess has the task of helping those who organize the conference before this takes place, supporting the construction of the premises and the preparation of the material: main task is indeed to welcome the participants, to distribute information and to stay at their disposal during the entire course of the congress itself.

For these reasons a Hostess Congress must be available and enterprising, must have a particular predisposition to interpersonal relationships, as well as an excellent presence.

Given that most of the conference are now of international level, it is preferable that they know how to properly express themselves in a foreign language, as well, because they will have to interface almost exclusively with professionals, they must have a medium-high cultural level:

in general, they will have to be able to interpret the needs of conference participants by acting proactively and with problem solving attitude.

It then becomes less and less a professional profile linked to the image and more and more an activity focused on the management and coordination: the completeness and correctness of the information they provide, the assistance they provide, the way of relating with the public and with operators greatly affects the degree of customer satisfaction that, remember, attends an event with specific professional goals and is often compressed by tight deadlines.

Hostess & Promoter is the agency specialized in activating job profiles that can understand this whole range of skills and characteristics: because we provide Hostesses with proven experience and knowledge of one or more foreign languages, often in native speaker level, in any Italian location due to a database that includes more than 60,000 active profiles.

What we present is an anthology of our case histories under Events & Conventions: in fact, we believe that, more than many words, it is important to show the evidence of the facts given by our long and proven track record in the conference sector.