In an industry so rapidly developing such as Gambling, Event Marketing plays a very important role in direct communication with customers.

Since the product launch until its consolidation in the market is in fact necessary to communicate both with loyal customers, and with potential consumers, by creating the conditions for the full reception of any feedback.

The creation of the event thus becomes the most direct way to activate this report: with its use, companies can reach the public having immediate feedback on how the product has been received, while the integrated use of social networks provides media coverage and a wider audience than the one present “on the spot”.

Hostess & Promoter provides staff for all types of activities: we do not just activate professional image profiles, such as models, welcoming hostess, steward, artists and animators, but also all staff backstage.

Our agency is able to manage, from a logistical and organizational point of view, each type of request, providing the paperwork such as applying for permits for leafleting or occupation of public land, as well as sorting and management of the equipment thanks to a network of warehouses throughout Italy.

Hostess & Promoter is also responsible for reporting the most suitable design and its collection in a short time also allows an immediate verification, in ROI terms, of the optimal success of the event.