In an increasingly competitive market, the offer contemplates a wide range of highly-differentiated products that makes them, paradoxically, less and less recognizable to the buyer's eyes. The importance of the distinction then is not only limited in visual merchandising and communication above the line:

The Point of Sale then resumes its importance, summarizing in itself the ancient role as a ``workshop`` where, through the care of the Promoter, it re-establishes a direct contact between the company and the customer: sharing, dialogue and especially the listening to the needs of those who buy then become essential tools for the orientation of consumer choices.

This new role of commercial space, from ``place to sell`` in ``place to communicate`` thus leads businesses to the strategic decision to be more and more visible and present in the preferential distribution channels, enabling interventions of direct and relational marketing within them.

In addition to the hostess or promoter are added special professionals, as a chef, cutters, specialist product, or testimonial.

Hostess & Promoter® in the Food industry: we offer specialized professionals with proven experience and sales skills and persuasion throughout the national territory, with the most online features to customer needs and the activated promotion. All our profiles are equipped with the necessary certificates (HACCP) and are carefully trained.

Tastings, samplings, the product launches, can be indoor with instore promotion, outdoor in Events, in streets and squares and in all the gathering places desired by the customer.
The possibility of organizing briefings both on site and through e-learning platform allows us to reduce costs, as well as to ensure the preparation of profiles enabled on the commodity-related characteristics of the product and on the communication skills to use.

We take care of all logistical and organizational aspect, so that every customer can be sure of the best results of each promotion.