Among the many challenges that the Bank Marketing has faced in a difficult situation like the current one, is undoubtedly the customer care that becomes an element of crucial importance from the strategic point of view.

Banks and other financial institutions are in fact a more informed customer and with greater bargaining power but, at the same time, far more bewildered by the complexity of what he sees happening in the financial markets: the service provider must take into account that you have in front a party that, better informed, it is, at the same time, less sensitive to stimuli generated by traditional advertising and promotional campaigns.

Innovation thus becomes necessary to maintain this relationship strong: the main demand of the customer, in fact, is to establish with their financial services provider agency a “total” experience, that can gratify him even at the relationship and human level, and on which to place their complete trust.

The new trend, then, sees the passage from the ``customer satisfaction`` to the ``customer experience``, which becomes the central figure of the promoter that gives a human face to the service offered.

Hostess & Promoter in Financial sector: we offer specialized professionals with proven experience and sales skills and persuasion throughout the national territory, with the most online features to customer needs and activity choice. We deal with master data acquisition, presence information, support at meetings with professional reception, sampling, market research, mystery client to control the performance of the stores or competition.

The possibility of organizing briefings both on site and through e-learning platform allows us to reduce costs, as well as to ensure the preparation of the profiles activated on the characteristics of promoted services and communication techniques to use.
We take care of all logistical and organizational aspect, so that every customer can be sure of the best results of each marketing action.