Electronics and IT

Advisor is a term often present in completely different contexts, ranging from banking, to fashion, to cosmetics no, to high tech. Relatively new professional profile in the business sector and especially retail, is increasingly used for field marketing projects in which you prefer the figure of Promoter.

The Advisor is in fact the professional who “recommends``: compared to the salesman, offers a consultancy service in addition, given by the in-scope knowledge

The Advisor therefore is not simply the one who promotes sales, but the one who knows how to guide the client in the definition of the product that’s more inherent to what the consumer wants, how to use it well, and often remains available for further information even after the sale. He then becomes a figure halfway between the Sales support and customer care.

Usually, therefore, this figure is used by Brands that put the focus of their business policy on a high degree of customer satisfaction.

The Case History par excellence in this case, as often happens, comes from Apple: because of the high technological level of the Apple product, the sales person must be properly trained, closer to a high-tech Advisor, able to understand the customer needs to propose a completely customized solution.

For this particular branch Hostess & Promoter® provides advisor thoroughly trained on the technological characteristics of the product. Training, which is then subjected to verification: all professionals also independently manage the computerized reporting. The presence on the territory allows to provide advisors directly in the location of reference, as well as to manage national and European scale projects in real time.