With the maturity of the domestic market, private label competition, an audience of increasingly selective consumers and the strong rise of new communication channels, marketing managers Beverage Company is called both to face numerous challenges to seize several opportunities in a now transformed landscape

Hostess & Promoter acts as executor of the demands of the direct marketing of the beverage or clients with their communication agency.

Main imperative then becomes the constant innovation in product, communication and distribution strategies. It is not easy, however, to choose the innovation on which to invest intercepting the emerging consumption, to define the volume of sales, optimize processes and plan effective communication and distribution of the product.

The trend that has emerged in recent years is a predilection for ``sparkling`` campaigns, which focus on seeking differentiating elements which, rather than the content of the drink, flirt with what the drink is, a way to propose to the consumer and where the consumer can identify himself.

Very often it is not the commodity-related feature of the product to be advertised, but more a ``universe of meaning`` related to young and youthful lifestyles, where the relational and playful component becomes fundamental in the identity of the communication product.

Just by virtue of its social value, the organization of the event, which will involve not only a target of potential consumers but also the broader digital arenas, becomes a key strategic tool to increase ``brand awareness`` of the product.

Hostess & Promoter has many years of experience in the beverage industry for everything related to the implementation of image events, promotional tours, activities in collaboration with the trade marketing and field marketing, guerrilla marketing and promotions in store projects: We have provided Hostess, promoter, tour leaders, promo-comunicational media for major brands within Beverage.