Our hostesses talk about us: the experience of Desirée by Hostess & Promoter

<img class=”size-full wp-image-12091 alignleft” src=”//’esperienza-di-Desirée-1.jpg” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”368″ />Talking about oneself can always be little objective and self-referential: for this reason Hostess &amp; Promoter, as a modus operandi linked to its professional ethics, always asks, both to its employees and to customers, for feedback as soon as the event has passed. Our mission is in fact not only to provide the most suitable professional profiles for each type of promotional activity, but also to offer our employees the work closest to the interests and experiences of each. That’s why we asked our hostesses, through our facebook page, to write us their opinions and any other suggestions about the experience with us. This week we publish an excerpt from the letter of Desirée by Hostess &amp; Promoter, a Roman girl transplanted to Arezzo who dreams of becoming a journalist.

“<em>The first job I did with Hostess &amp; Promoter, was the 2011 Istat Census: a job I was very satisfied with, also because for me, who until then had only found unprofessional agencies and jobs not too orthodox, turned out to be epiphanic.</em>

<em>Since then, I’ve never stopped, moving from one promotion to the next. Each promotion always gives me something new and increases my professional experience.</em>

<em>Now, I can say that I am one of your “nightmares”: I practically live with my PC in my bag and under my pillow, waiting for a new job.</em>

<em>I got to know everyone, working with Tazio and Francesca, but also with Camilla and Alessandro: in short, I hit you all a little hard!</em>

<em>I am really satisfied with your seriousness, honesty and helpfulness; if I had to list all the works done directly for you and the partner agencies, I think I would bore those who, I hope, will read this brief comment of mine.</em>

<em>Really a heartfelt thank you: you are one of the few agencies that I always recommend, precisely because they are punctual in their answers and payments: in short, a brilliant staff!</em>”

Desirée has distinguished herself among our collaborators as an excellent promoter and seller: with Hostess &amp; Promoter, in fact, she has collaborated for events related to the promotion of Bottega Veneta, Istat, D &amp; G, Bardi &amp; Euroflex, Orange Fresh, Ottica Avanzi, Adidas, Coca Cola, Wind, Canon, Cartier, Boscovivo.